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Arnold (Cauldron) Yearbooks 1925 – 1932

The district maintains historical yearbooks. Although the task of collecting the yearbooks has been shared throughout the decades by several individuals no complete set exists.


Should any resident want to donate a missing yearbook, Please contact Audrey Sleigh at 724-335-4401 ext 1064 or email



Our eventual goal will be to scan and link each yearbook to the year listed for viewing. Because of the condition of some of the editions, this task will take some time. Our goal is to offer residents “a look back” at as many editions as possible.

If you notice a year missing below that you may have and do not want to donate at this time, please consider contacting the district for scanning so we have a record of that yearbook.

Our current  yearbook collection is as follows:

The Cauldron (Arnold High School)

1925 Cauldron

1926 Cauldron

1930 Cauldron
1931 Cauldron

1932 Cauldron