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The Minutes from all the meetings from 1992 to the last approved minutes are listed on the links below. Should you want to search for anything, if after opening up the year, enter a name or keyword in the search box and you can find  any instance of that word appearing in that year.

The minutes are updated after each voting board meeting (once a month) and only after board approval will the minutes be added. Example:The board, at the February 24th meeting approved the minutes of January 27, so those minutes have been posted after the February 24th meeting.

Additionally the numbering of the resolution will give an indication of what month they were approved. If the number before a resolution is 1011121. It indicates that in the year 2010 (10); in November (11) the 121st resolution was adopted.  This will not work for the early years as there was not a numbering system in place that was relevant to the year and month a resolution was approved. This change was made in 2006-07 and can be used from that year forward.


1992-1993 Minutes

1993-1994 Minutes

1994-1995 Minutes

1995-1996 Minutes

1996-1997 Minutes

1997-1998 Minutes

1998-1999 Minutes

1999-2000 Minutes

2000-2001 Minutes

2001-2002 Minutes

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2003-04 Resolutions

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