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PA Educational Partnership Program

The New Kensington-Arnold School District has participated with the PA Educational Partnership Program for the past three years. We have had Joanne Fabrics as a direct donor to our district through the partnership  provide our district with  fabric and baking implements for our family consumer classes and home economics, holiday decorations, prom decorations and a multitude of student craft projects for our children.

This program collects school supplies from many companies and warehouses them in a building in Pittsburgh. Teachers are invited twice annually to go and “shop” for items. We also send a truck down twice a year to collect donated items.


Additionally, throughout the school year they supply students with backpacks and boxes filled with school supplies for their home.


This is a competitive program that accepts only a numbered amount of school buildings. H.D. Berkey has been the participant this year and Fort Crawford was a participant in the first year.


We are very happy to announce that Martin, H.D. Berkey and Roy A. Hunt have all been accepted for the 2015-16 school year as participants.


We thank all the companies that donate and the PA Educational Partnership for this great opportunity.