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RAH Closure & HDB C19+ Case

Dear Parent/Guardian,
This message is being sent to notify all parents and guardians of students attending the Roy Hunt Elementary School that the school will be closed tomorrow, Friday, February 26th and it will be operating in the fully remote instructional model.
Covid-19 protocol requires schools with 2-4 positive cases in a 14-day period to close for 3 to 5 days for cleaning.  Today the District was notified of three cases at the Hunt building and one at HD Berkey.   Anyone that was at risk for transmission has been notified following Dept. of Health protocol.  The buildings will be cleaned and I expect both schools to be safe for students, faculty, and staff to return on Monday.
I want to remind everyone to remain vigilant with regard to covid-19 protocols.  Wash or sanitize your hands regularly, keep your hands out of your face, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask.  While transmission numbers are down, it is obvious that the risk for contracting the virus still exists and we want everyone to be healthy and safe.
Mr. Jon Banko
Acting Superintendent