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Grades 7-8 Resources

New Kensington-Arnold School District :
Voluntary Educational Resources
Grades: 7-8    
Last Revised: 3/25/2020    
Subject Area Name of Resource Brief Description
ELA VJSHS English Department brings you OnWaRd in your writing and reading.
  CommonLit reading passages with common core aligned assignments
  Smithsonian Education Interactive learning across subject-areas
  ReadWorks Question sets and comprehension questions
  No Red Ink Grammar practice and more
  News ELA Reading comprhension passages & questions
  ABC Mouse Adventure Academy - Interactive learning across subject-areas K-8
  English Worksheets Land Printable ELA/Grammar worksheets sorted by skill and grade level.
Math Math Drills Math skills worksheets
  Khan Academy Math for K-12- choose your grade level at sign-up
  CK-12 Math for K-12
  Cool Math Games Math for K-12
  ABC Mouse Interactive learning across subject-areas K-8
Science NASA STEM STEM opportunities by grade level
History CrashCourse History Crash courses in different historical time periods
Non Instruction    
  PBS Learning Media Grade level articles and resources Promotes problem-solving and computational thinking
  Home Safari Resources The Cincinnati Zoo is offering daily animal encounters online at 3PM.
  Imagineering in a Box Walt Disney Partners with Khan Academy
  TypeTastic Keyboarding Skills